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I have taught a variety of methods, research design, and substantive courses at the LSE, at the undergraduate and graduate level. This includes class teaching and one-on-one sessions for dissertation students. 


MY457/557: Causal inference for experimental and observational research

Seminar teaching for masters/PhD course in causal inference, reviewing material and coding sessions in R, LSE Department of Methodology (2023)

GV4N2: Introduction to comparative politics and conflict studies

Seminar teaching for core course on comparative politics masters programme, LSE Department of Government (2024)

GV499: Dissertation support advisor

Providing one-on-one feedback sessions for masters students working on quanitative dissertation projects, LSE Department of Government (2022, 2023)


GV249: Research design in political science

Class teaching for second year undergraduate course in research design, covering both theory and coding labs in R, LSE Department of Government (2023-24)

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